Unique Encounter RK Loot/Locations

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Unique Encounter RK Loot/Locations

Post by Furiox » Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:27 am

Modernized 2k4 list I found on FC forums. Stripped out loot that doesn't appear to exist in current DB as well as added a few extra's. Reach out with any changes/additions/removals. :)
  • Cuty - Coords: 1500x600, Crater Farm Region, Tir County
  • Diamondine Trainee - (PH/20mins.) Coords: 1925x1450, Eastern Fouls Plains - LVL 230-250
  • General Kronilis - (Spawned by PH.) Coords: 2000x2500, Perpetual Wastelands
  • General Nirtox - (Spawned by PH.) Coords:, Perpetual Wastelands
  • Joo - Coords: Sunken Swamps, Omni-Forest
  • Morty - Coords: 300x1200, Kuroshio Forest, Tir County
  • Tri-Plumbo - Coords: Foremans, 2000x800, The Longest Road
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