Now Hiring... You? (Inquire Within!)

Peace $ Love, Inc. is NOW HIRING! Please inquire within.
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Now Hiring... You? (Inquire Within!)

Post by Furiox » Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:02 pm

Thank you for your interest in our org!:
We are looking few good players... We have paid... We have fr00b... We don't have.. you? :o

Ok - craftiness aside.

Our Blurb:
We are peaceful - yet know of war. We are loving - yet know of hate. We are few - but can touch many. We are Omni - and we will prevail... We are Peace $ Love, Inc. We welcome all walks of life - from froobs to returning old schoolers!

Who we are:
We are an adult/mature/drama free organization from the days of old. Our org's lineage spans from the launch of the game and are one of very few (omni orgs) that has survived to the "end of days". We have both paid and fr00b members however the majority are paid.

Yes. We run a variety of TL7 raids ranging from Beast to APF28. Do not think we forgot our fr00b brethren... We run RK style as the need arises.

No schemes/ninja looting/point systems/tenure/etc. If you participate in the mission/raid/function/<insert activity here> - you have an equal chance to "add up" and "flatroll" on the take/<insert item(s) of interest>. We utilize a need/greed looting system. Essentially this means that everyone who needs an item (for use) gets the first attempt at rolling on any of the loot/phatz/<insert item(s) of interest> via the org bot's raid loot module (Budabot (mainstream bot/not a custom/sneaky solution hehe). After need rolls are out of the way - we tend to do greed rolling (depending on the instance/setting). For Yes Drop situations - (usually in the interest of time) - we roll the remainder of the loot/drops as a winner gets all. For No Drop situations - we usually try to sell the remainder of the loot/drops via Neutnet/Darknet lootright advertisements - and then the participants of the raid get an equal split/share of the total take.

Yes. We try to keep at least 1 tower site. We are not a super PVP themed org. We do however have members that are active with PVP and are the ones responsible for our tower sites - so welcome both pros and those looking to learn! While PVP is not mandatory - it is an expectation to defend our own tower sites (provided you have a toon in range).

Yes. We have a QL300 city and yes it does see raids. :lol:

Who we are looking for:
If you can at least (act adult) - that pretty much qualifies you. We define adult as having the following traits: not needy, drama free, rational, friendly... I mean do we seriously need to list these? :)

What we need you to do:
So now that you know a little about us - we would like to know a little about you! Please "SELECT ALL" copy/paste the "job application" and provide your answers in a new thread under the Recruitment forum (you do not need to be registered to do this).

Code: Select all

1. Character(s) Name(s) and Level(s):
2. Timezone:
3. Experience Level?: <Ex: Pro, Newb, Returning Oldschool Pro/Newb, etc.>
4. Last Org?:
5. Reason for Leaving?:
6. What are you looking for in an org?:
7. Tell us a little about yourself:
8. If you were recruited/referred by or know an org mate, who?:
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